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Transform that Ugly Chair!

Learn all the skills your need in the Ugly Chair Workshop 

presented by Sitting Pretty Fab & Antica Modern in Lakewood, OH

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Workshop Details!

 As seen on Cleveland's Fox 8New Day moring show, the Ugly Chair Workshop is tailored for beginners looking to give their ugly chair a dramatic makeover!In this course, you will learn how to:

* Properly Prep, Clean & Sand your chair prior to painting & upholstery* Paint like a pro! Learn how to achieve a flawless paint finish without brush marks or drips! Anette Sullivan, professional furniture painter & owner of Antica Modern  will teach you all the secrets to getting that professional looking paint finish!  


* I'll teach you how to design a comfy foam cushioned seat and upholster with a fabric of your choosing. And then finish with a fun decorative trim or a learn to make a double welt cord piping trim!


When you're done, you will have learned the key basics to furniture painting & upholstery design! You will also know how to confidently & safely use a power sander and a pneumatic staple gun.

Course cost: $225  To register go to:

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