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The Ugly Chair Workshop!

Learn a New Skill!        Get Creative!        Transform that Ugly Chair!

Presented by
Sitting Pretty Fab & Antica Modern

Do you have a chair that needs some love? You can't quite throw it out and you can't quite stand to look at it? Well, let the Ugly Chair Workshop teach you some valuable new skills and transform that ugly chair into your dream chair!

This class is for beginners! Sitting Pretty Fab & Antica Modern will teach you how to properly paint your chair frame for a flawless finish and upholster a simple chair seat with a fun decorative trim!


You will learn key skills to transform your furniture! They include:

* import and & key steps to prepping your frame for painting

* proper paint techniques to achieve a drip & brush stroke free finish

* properly use power tools including an electric sander and pneumatic stapler

* rebuild a chair seat for pretty domed cushioned seat

* upholster the seat with fabric of your choice

* finish with a decorative gimp trim or a hand sewn double piping trim

Workshop includes all upholstery and painting supplies.


Participants provide their fabric and chair frame. Sitting Pretty Fab does have some simple chair frames available in its Workshop Chair Inventory participants can purchase for $15. Course Cost is $225 for a simple chair with a screw-off seat. Chairs that do not have a screw off seat, require more design  time and will need to be booked for a private workshop with a fee of $250.


Before & After Chair Makeovers by Workshop Participants!


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