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"Transforming & styling old chairs into stunning statement pieces is what I do! I am a designer at heart and I like to make things look pretty!"


My name is Ginger Burnett

And I love mixing style, color and pattern in fun, quirky and creative ways. I have honed my skills and talents for more than a decade as a personal stylist for specialty fashion retailers.

For years, I worked as a full-time personal stylist for Anthropologie. There inside my beautiful store I immersed myself into eclectic world of patter & color mixing.

My day job is working as a personal stylist for Anthropologie, where I immerse myself in the eclectic world of pattern & color mixing. The result is a whimsical, one-of-a-kind aesthetic tailored to each customer's personal style.

I love what I do, and my job has sharpened my eye for great style & design. But I also love stylish home interiors! And like our wardrobes, our homes are reflective of who we are. What goes in them and how we decorate them is our purest form of self-expression -- our personal style! 

To me, one of the most powerful tools in home decor is the fabric! Gorgeous textiles have the power to set a mood and absolutely transform a room! Unique combinations of color. pattern, design and texture are the cornerstones of defining personal style for the home.  

Growing up, my parents were antique dealers, and my Mom was also an accomplished seamstress. I spent many a Saturday in fabric stores looking at fabrics for whatever sewing project she was working on. She taught me how to shop textiles and envision them for their intended use -- a skill I've learned to refine over the years. I also attended my share of antique shows and flea markets, and slowly fine-tuned my eye for quality furniture construction.

So I guess it's no surprise I find myself launching a creative custom-upholstery business that allows me to merge bold & beautiful textiles with classic furniture design -- specifically chairs of the French Provincial, Victorian and Queen Anne designs.

Sitting Pretty Fab's goal is to bring back the lost art of custom upholstery and to make it an affordable & stylish option for people looking to customize a home or workspace that's reflective of their unique personalty. While upholstery work is a service I offer, redesigning and styling old chairs into stunning statement pieces for the home is really what I do. I am a designer at heart and like to make things pretty!

If you're not sure what you like but want to give a special chair or set of chairs a makeover, I'm your gal! I will guide you through the fun and creative process of custom upholstery. The experience will give you a sense of pride in knowing you helped design the prettiest piece of furniture in your home!

So book your complimentary in-home appointment today and let's get stylin'! To do so, email me at Trust me, we'll have a great time designing something beautiful for your space!   

       Your Chair Stylist,

  Ginger Burnett

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